mines schefferville


The only means to transport iron ore from the Schefferville area to the Port of Sept-Îles is by railway. Comprising of two main sections, these railways were originally constructed by IOC for its shipment of iron ore and has been in continuous operation for 50 years.

On the northern section of the railway from Schefferville to Emeril Junction is the 215-km Tshiuetin Rail Transportation Inc. (TSH) railway. The TSH railway is owned and operated by a consortium of three Aboriginal First Nations based in Québec.

From Emeril Junction is the 360-km Québec North Shore and Labrador Railway Company Inc. (QNS&L), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IOC.

The Centre Ferro maintenance and repair facility has been established in Sept-Îles and operates on a full-time basis to maintain LIM’s fleet of railcars. All rail agreements are in place for the transport of LIM's iron ore down to the Port of Sept-Îles.